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Wheres my salary?
you're chinese?
what vidya do 314chan staff play?

314chan site bounty system thread

Wanna make money for making features for 314chan?

enlist in team314chan's feature bounty program!

Current list:

  1. $20 USD - Fix thread updating; if thread's json file is updated, create new post view, and fill contents.
  2. $5 USD - Ensure "Nighty Time" (Night mode) CSS loads first if Option is enabled, so it doesn't flash a bright color, then set the correct CSS
  3. thanks anon for the fix. 'preciate ya!
  4. $10 USD Create a new unique CSS style for 314chan's imageboard pages, and front page. First place will get $10 USD, all others will get $3.
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read the FAQ/Post Formatting before posting

[url=https://megaremont.pro/ekb-restavratsiya-vann]Restoration of sanitary ware in Yekaterinburg[/url]

Why did you base 314ch around mitsuba and not vichan? Vichan has now stopped development and it would be nice if some dev forks it and start workin'
Vichan is currently the most used imageboard software.
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prolly should've been more clear.

I don't really like Tinyboard's mod panel (I grew up using Kusaba X initially), and I had a negative interaction with the original maintainer, savetheinternet, so I'd rather not.
fucking nerds lol

ok what the hell is with all this "numberchan" shit? like we got 8chan 420chan 4chan and 314chan like what the hell?
Because the illuminati forced us to.
Really weak meme answer aside, 2,4,8,420,314, were all a part of the """"original"""" naming scheme for imageboards. There was quite a rise in popularity for alternative imageboard names (endchan, finalchan etc.) as of recent times, but sites like mikuchan have existed for a LONG time. 314 has existed for 9 years so it's a side effect of it's age. I could technically get something like pichan but eh
They are channels anon, each channel has a number 4chan = channel 4, 314chan = channel 314.
It's not that hard if you ever used a TV.

Would you like to send me link to chan engine? I know that original mitsuba has a backdoor builded in it, so would you like to share a link to "clear" version without anything like backdoors?
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whoops, I copied and pasted the wrong one

>I know that original mitsuba has a backdoor builded in it

What's the progress on nu-711chan?
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updating this thread:
you might've seen that 711chan.org is now a redirect to 7/11's website. they sent out a C&D a bit ago blocking it (even after years of existing

(Pic related)

could we get a 711 theme on here?
that would be a back burner idea, I've got so many things I have to work on for the site

>ethot simping board
Shit website

(...on what?)

(...on what?), vniggers get the rope
LOL, ran right into the wordfilter, faggot

the owner of this site is chinese
thank you

how old are you and where do you live (city and street address please)
14yo, mogadishu

Why the fuck are there bubbles on my screen?
It's snow. It'll be gone tomorrow, along with some other new features ;)

>Discuss 314chan, it's policies etc. textboard for now,

>it's (should be "its")
>policies (should be followed by a comma)
>now, (comma should be either a period or nothing)
lol most of the headers I wrote at like 3 AM thanks anon

>Do not use file hosting services which result in monetary gain.
What does this even mean? Will somebody be banned if he links to his own YouTube video that has advertisements on it? Are there file-hosting services that have paywalls?
tl;dr don't post links to sites like adf.ly where when someone clicks on a link, the user gets served an ad then gets redirected after the ad.

>Will somebody be banned if he links to his own YouTube video that has advertisements on it?
No, if you post a link with an engaging context behind what you post, you won't be banned/post deleted. If you slap a link without anything else, it is subject to it depending on context.

How will we know when a post will be archived? I can’t seem to find the pages on the posts I’ve seen
>How will we know when a post will be archived?
314chan doesn't hold an archive. The posts stay up long enough people can archive threads on their own.

We've been up since 2011, but every time I move servers, the post counts reset. This is the first time in my site's history I've ever actually kept a MySQL archive of at least the posts for backup.

how did you..

how do i git gud
you know who i am now answer
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gdi anon

The boards listing text on the front page is misaligned and pokes out too much to the right.
adding padding-right: 30px; to the board-list class css fixes this issue
I fixed this for desktop, I might have to just fully rewrit the homepage for mobile

polite sage for older thread, I forgot to reply lol

Found this after posting

Notice: Undefined index: captcha in /var/www/html/imgboard.php on line 191

Notice: Undefined index: name in /var/www/html/imgboard.php on line 232
you should probably disable writing these log messages into the HTTP response. the messages you are writing today aren't compromising but someday you'll have one shit out a file path or something else you don't want leaked. also it's ugly.
yep, the next git pull will be disabling most of those. I fixed em

Autism reccomended as per WHO guidelines

Go question
I'm moving this thread to >>>/b/251 .

check em^
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oh yeah also I get first dubs :)

when is irc coming back?

I know this post is old, but for those who don't know, we now have a Matrix.im/Riot chat room. Click on the [m] up in the top menu to sign up/join!

when you click on the banner it doesn't change like in 4chan, that would be a nice feature
that doesn't appear to be an action that's on 4chan, maybe one of the addon extensions. if you want to see all the banners in rotation, or even submit 300x100, go to https://314chan.org/banners

The captcha just takes too long to solve I would rather not post tbh.
I definitely need to improve the QoL of the captcha. Which puzzle needs the most improvement? I'm trying to make them easy/quick to solve

Can you add this to the thread watcher?
And also a pop up quick reply window like here:
(sorry I responded so late)
Can you add this to the thread watcher?
I'll take a look at it when I get back from my trip.
should be easy

>And also a pop up quick reply window like here:
This would also be possible, since the functions exist. I just need to copy and paste the interface from other portions.
probably won't be priority 1, but I'll keep it in the back of my head!

Can we get a board or 2 made up here? Asking for a friend...


Asking for a friend...

I'm running a poll on twitter (see below), but I should probably also ask here for users without a Twitter account. either works.

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I would also like to see /pol/, and if it's possible to create a specific board that should be only for dox, but hidden, if you know what am i mean. If you can do this, then you'll have to also consider about removing your imageboard from the list of overchan.net
That's only my small suggestion and opinion for this anonymous site.
Does this site still have custom board creation?
I've been working on it for a while. As of now, it's mainly the home boards, but eventually we will have board creation.

Hey, its nice that you have "images loaded" up the top, but that means you need to enable javascript just to see thumbnails. Reminds me of the new reddit layout. If you cant handle thumbnail bandwidth, you need a new host. Thumbnails not loading is the last thing I would expect not to work with scripts disabled.
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>>3 Yeah, image loading for noscript users is pretty much impossible.
Some softwares offer a +50 (last 50 posts) version of the thread pages, but that isn't perfect for obvious reasons.
heh, yeah I could add a +50 but it breaks the experience. anyways, initial implementations of a noscript mode, however the width of the image is still there... hmm.

Update: I think I properly fixed it, please confirm fix.
Sorry for late reply. Yep, works perfect with noscript again :^) Using noscript tags for that is pretty smart i didnt even think of that.

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