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Welcome to 314chan!

Haruko is currently always in beta, but it should be stable enough. Click on the gear for the minimal features we have, and suggest some on /314/.
We have been offering board suggestions since our launch in 2011, but I'm experimenting with allowing people to manage boards. linkie
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should I allow /b/ to be in the recent posts on the front page and just say 314chan is generally nsfw?
at least for now, I guess
once we have enough sfw content this can be changed, but right now...

it's not like we'll be attracting people who are repelled by nsfw any time soon
I approve of this idea

File: 1444768497.jpg (24.72KB, 300x300)
>Syrian Louie thread!

Hi !
How's it going? remember me? I'm Louie, for those of you who've never heard of me I'm a Syrian programmer and I fled the war to Moscow, Russia where I'm at right now. Active Mods and Janitors please don't ban me, I am not trying to break any rules and I heavily respect the Global Rules. so please if I do anything wrong just write me a post telling me which rule I'm breaking and I'll gladly delete this thread and not bother you, a ban won't be necessary. Please?

I'm making this thread as a hang out and tbh because I need your help, I know you're not my personal army and frankly I'm not asking for that. I'm here because I'm desperately trying to avoid deportation, the Russians you see are going to deport me due to an expired student visa (The one I got to come here), and so that means that I have very little time and means to make it to Europe. I don't want to go back home because I wouldn't last long there. I mean I could, I could probably stay somewhere there, but I don't even know how I made it out alive and so going back is a very very very bad choice to make and would possibly lead to my death or draft or prison or one of these.

I've tried going to embassies and asking for visas to European countries, I've tried the UNHCR office in Moscow and I've tried numerous things in order to make it to the EU but nothing "legal" has worked, and just when things got too hopeless I actually took a hiking trail from northern Russia from the city of Vyborg (Trying to cross the border into Finland), I was caught and told to fuck off back to Moscow without arrest or a warning, just a heavy scolding from the border patrol.

So, i'm stuck here, the Russians want me out, my visa expired, I have very little cash to spend on my self and my only hope of avoiding the war is this smuggler that I know in St. Petersburg (A city in northern Russia) where he promised me he could take me via boat to Stockholm to ask for asylum, he basically said he'd smuggle me for 1,000 dollars into Sweden.

I'm here in the hopes that someone out there wants to help me achieve this dream, I'm pretty sure that with my job in Moscow I won't be able to come up with that kind of money as I'm barely making my living expenses (Barely) and accommodation. and In case you can't don't worry about it you can help me by bumping this thread so that maybe someone else might see it. Or you have the freedom to pass my blog and videos around. I really need your help man, you, reading this, I need a little bit of your time. If you have 10 minutes to spare in this thread I'd greatly appreciate it.

I'm not just asking for financial support, I'm asking for any kind of support, if you have any advice or know of a way I can get legal documents in Moscow without serving jail time or if you know someone who works at the border police who can help me out in any way please do.

I'm a long time lurker here, you guys have always been here for me in my time of need and depression (back home), I used to lurk with whatever electricity we had while clashes happened literally outside my window lol, so what I'm trying to say is I appreciate and love you /b/, even if 90% of the posts here will be hate posts, I don't mind I know you guys and I know how things go with threads like these, But, I'm desperate enough to try.

>tl;dr sandnig stuck in russia whoring for money and advice while bumping with porn and other shenanigans.

Alright, now if anyone is interested, here are the links which show the documentations of the visa papers that got rejected, my blog, and my youtube videos.

The blog (has my life story as well as a Documents page)
https://syrianlouie dott wordpress dott com

and the videos Warning this one is 20 minutes long and my first attempt at youtubing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0npy3h2Z4k

This one was the day after, shorter.

File: Spoiler
Spoiler image
what i saw on the last night was the best thing ever!
Anthrax's Charly Benante had a dispute with Carlos Martinez, the boss of The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash and ex IMusic Rocks Host.
Charly was yelling like crazy on Carlos. And Carlos? He did not say a word. Just standing there watching Charly freaking out with a smile in his face.

At least Charly came to apologize or something. I saw the whole situation from the upper Pool deck and maaaaan. Carlos was so FUCKING cool… Unbelievable. That made him win the whole situation.

I can imagine Charly might not know who Carlos is, but i'm from germany and everybody here knows who the fuck Carlos Martinez is! Awesome! BashHeads for ever!!!

File: 1444437724.jpg (20.49KB, 200x300)
I am very confused. Why is there a 314chan? Is there an exodus that I haven't heard about yet?
Not yet.
Does there need to be?
There should be. Two of the major imageboards have been either sold to japs, or is managed by a past government man. I heard parley won't sell out, because he "cares" too much

File: 1443638182.gif (1.71MB, 235x240)
>mfw πchan exists
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File: 1444406647.gif (763.83KB, 108x160)
>hardcore running
mein nigger
running gives me this godlike feeling.
YESSSS, it's so good. I love when you feel your blood sugar start to drop, but all those feel good chemicals are going, and you just totally like lay/sit down, and your whole body is just like "Yes, Now We Float, Floating Time, Ahhh"

File: deleted

Bestiality was outlawed in The Netherlands in 2010.
thread permasaged.

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wow, you're seeing me moderate live :^)
wait until you see me riot against rulefaggotry live (^:
lol I wish I could allow people to post whatever they want. Netherland cops would seize the domain/server however ;-;

File: 1443516838.jpg (177.73KB, 902x515)
all prostitute
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File: 1444107742.jpg (250.65KB, 1023x757)

File: 1444370049.jpg (365.45KB, 982x675)

File: 1444374215.jpg (103.97KB, 800x789)

File: 1444241488.jpg (49.75KB, 600x452)
Dorian Yates Appreciation Thread (Other Bodybuilders Welcome)
File: 1444289643.jpg (54.71KB, 200x380)
File: 1444319137.jpg (38.34KB, 400x600)
He just has such good striation and I can't stand it.

File: 1443184753.jpg (35.48KB, 552x370)
Oh Pi-chan, are you shy, or selectively mute?

Pic as related as you think it is
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I just found this place from 76chan tbh, I guess we just need to shill more
we can have a single r8 dick thread though if anyone is interested
1 per day is the correct amount, IMO

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