wew I love memes

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File: 143095760746 - (26 KB, 15194304_6247_gato_dormido_H145637_L.jpg)
   Tell me, anon. How was your day today? I'm absolutely bored.
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spent half of it sleeping


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File: 143221864595 - (567 KB, hellrisinghand.png)
   Hey so I was told to post here, 4chan's /v/ and /b/ are currently playing this game and we are looking for allies and members.

The game is a horror survival mmo/simulator. You play as a character stuck in the quarantined city of serling. You can play as a human, vampire or zombie and try to fight it out and survive. It has gameplay similar to Urban dead except with more options like trading/crafting and 73 skills to buy rather than 40.

Anwyays give it a try if you want
Here is the group join if you want

I was told 4chan's /v/ and /b/' demographic is between the ages of 9-13. Replying to pasted spam.

File: 143213249828 - (41 KB, hrrrmmm.jpg)
   Dave's not here man.

File: 143198967723 - (1795 KB, 1418956732526.png)
   lol wut http://i.imgur.com/lLbzxKg.png

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File: 143154958486 - (12 KB, 1413334251001.png)
   Good job guys. at least your server didn't get completely fucked by parley ;_;

>pic related is the only banner i had saved

File: 143145817340 - (377 KB, jimm.jpg)
   Time to have fun with the new girl on cam! Get in here!


File: 143146249623 - (383 KB, fuckready.jpg)
Shes ready for dick!


File: 143068716563 - (48 KB, plushRoadKill.jpg)

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