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314chan site bounty system thread

Wanna make money for making features for 314chan?

enlist in team314chan's feature bounty program!

Current list:

  1. $20 USD - Fix thread updating; if thread's json file is updated, create new post view, and fill contents.
  2. $5 USD - Ensure "Nighty Time" (Night mode) CSS loads first if Option is enabled, so it doesn't flash a bright color, then set the correct CSS
  3. thanks anon for the fix. 'preciate ya!
  4. $10 USD Create a new unique CSS style for 314chan's imageboard pages, and front page. First place will get $10 USD, all others will get $3.
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how do i git gud
you know who i am now answer

Go question
I'm moving this thread to >>>/b/251 .

check em^
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oh yeah also I get first dubs :)

when is irc coming back?

I know this post is old, but for those who don't know, we now have a Matrix.im/Riot chat room. Click on the [m] up in the top menu to sign up/join!

when you click on the banner it doesn't change like in 4chan, that would be a nice feature
that doesn't appear to be an action that's on 4chan, maybe one of the addon extensions. if you want to see all the banners in rotation, or even submit 300x100, go to https://314chan.org/banners

The captcha just takes too long to solve I would rather not post tbh.
I definitely need to improve the QoL of the captcha. Which puzzle needs the most improvement? I'm trying to make them easy/quick to solve

Autism reccomended as per WHO guidelines

Can you add this to the thread watcher?
And also a pop up quick reply window like here:
(sorry I responded so late)
Can you add this to the thread watcher?
I'll take a look at it when I get back from my trip.
should be easy

>And also a pop up quick reply window like here:
This would also be possible, since the functions exist. I just need to copy and paste the interface from other portions.
probably won't be priority 1, but I'll keep it in the back of my head!

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