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trying to diagnose the issues with mp4.

I'd really like to get a mod on 314chan for around 8PM PST (4 AM UTC) but I also don't want to put someone through the burden of using the mod tools. if you like software masochism, and have Chrome (sorry, there's a Firefox cookie issue I'm trying to fix) contact me at admin@314chan.org!

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This board is for the discussion of V-tubers and related topics.

This board is not only for the major v-tubers, but for any and all v-tubers. Discuss who the best waifu is.

If you have any questions, feel free to post on >>>/314/ with your questions or how you'd like to see the site go.
If anyone has any suggestions on how to bring more people to /by/, please let me know. I've always been shy(?) to post on 4chan's threads about hololive

I mean the best, I just never know how to promote my site and motivate people to post

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Vtubers are sluts emotionally abusing men for money. Fuck vtubers.
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get the rope, with the kikes
kinda cringe bro
kinda cringe bro

File: Embed

How much do you all think people will simp for Calli?
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deal with it B)

File: 1602220595.jpg (694.18KB, 848x1200)
hey whoever is modding this place, am I good to post lewds here?
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i have an alarming number of pics of her and i am weeks behind on organizing them
My best suggestion would be to use Hydrus, but you would probably have to add your own tags
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just came across this board. thanks owner for giving us a home!

File: 1600228894.jpg (309.71KB, 850x1230)
sup /by/, let's kick this board off with a Waifu thread. I don't know what it is about Kaguya Luna, but she's super cute and makes me drool all over the floor. who's your favorite?

(keep in mind that since this is a brand new board, so you won't see any content on it until you post your own stuff.)
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i had no idea there were imageboards with emotes
yee, there's a lot of imageboards that want to be a bit more different so usually people try different boards, or different fancy features. I personally am working on "self moderating threads" which I made a shitton of progress on, then I accidentally forgot to push the code :E

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