team314chan applications by parley - 16/09/2019 10:06

We need staff members.

Contact me in one of multiple places: Email me, open DM me on twitter, contact me on (possibly most recommended)

To apply for moderation, tell me the following...
  1. username/password
  2. Why do you want to moderate?
  3. What boards?

  4. GET ON IT!
Welcome back. by parley - 25/08/2019 07:49

Hi 8refugees, lurkers, and anyone returning to 314chan.

If you don't know anything about our site, please refer to our FAQ page. I'll give you a tl;dr here however. 314chan has been a part of a dying breed of online communication, also known as an imageboard since 2011. Imageboards allow any user to post on it, without a login. I think I've found stable footing on this current setup we're on, so we're in it for the longhaul. Over the past month I've added a number of boards, and I've fixed key features for if shit hits the fan of more users start posting faster on the boards.

Don't let that stop the 2% of users (ish) that have JavaScript disabled (I get why you have it disabled)

We have public analytics anyone can view by visiting here. I'm quite happy to see that my boards might actually see some use!

I also want to talk about my experience as an imageboard owner with 9 years (!) of experience. I started out as your run of the mill 4chan user obviously, but started to see the bullshit moot was pulling over everyone's mind, not accepting users opinions on how to improve the site. So me and my friend created 314chan. It's incredible to think that I'm almost going to surpass moot in terms of how many years I've run this incredible community.

In terms of finances, I know 314 is ready in the deep negatives, and I'm fine with that. However, if you do appreciate all the work I do, consider subscribing to my SubscribeStar, here

Happy posting, and remember: posting means freedom
- parley